Flame Painted Copper


I am completely enamoured with the wonderful spectrum of colours you can produce with a simple flame and a piece of copper. When heated the surface of the copper oxidises and depending on the temperature reached and the length of time it is heated, the oxidation on the surface changes from copper to golden yellow, orange, red, violet, blue, green and finally grey / black. It’s such a captivating process, like watching a drop of oil creeping across the surface of water. I will be making a lot more pieces in this style!



My latest piece


Sterling silver pendant with copper, sunstone and blue onyx. I’m really pleased with the blue and orange combination. I especially love sunstone, which has an other worldly glow about it, like labradorite. This is due to tiny inclusions of red copper that glint when the stone is held at certain angles. I also love the look of textured, hand-worked jewellery – not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it’s also incredibly tactile. Next on the agenda, a chunk of silver garden wall with creeping ivy…

Sun God pendant

Sun god necklace


This pendant is inspired by the jewellery of ancient Egypt. I’m hoping to add some colour eventually, but I think the copper stands alone beautifully. (Apologies for the grey background – lack of decent lighting, photoshop ineptitude etc etc!).

I’ve also added some new pieces to my gallery, so please have a look!

Diolch/Thanks, Angie