Angie working at studio

Since I can remember I’ve always been fascinated by how things fit together and how I could replicate them, which is exactly where my love of jewellery-making comes from.  I’ve been making jewellery since I was a child, since I first stumbled upon a tiny shop crammed with beads and nameless wire components and instantly knew I wanted to play with them. Since then I have read countless books, torched, hammered and manipulated countless pieces of metal, completed a course in silversmithing and acquired a whole plethora of scars, of which I’m perfectly proud… these are working hands!

I work mainly with silver and copper, employing various metal working techniques, such as those used in silversmithing. I also use ceramic techniques when working with metal clay, which is an incredibly versatile and exciting material. I have spent the last few years developing a unique, contemporary style, incorporating many influences. My eye is often drawn to intricate, detailed patterns, (such as those found in the work of Gustav Klimt or William Morris), and inevitably manifests itself in my designs.  Objects from nature also provide a huge source of inspiration, as there is such a wealth of shape, colour and texture. After a walk through the woods or on the beach, I always return home with a pocket full of scavenged artefacts, such as sea glass pebbles, leaf skeletons and seed pods, to use as inspiration or incorporate into my next piece.

For those of you who wish to buy my work, please do get in touch! I do craft fairs from time to time, but work mostly from my studio, so please email me at angielydiakirby@gmail.com if you’re interested in a particular piece or would like to discuss a commission.

Please note that all my jewellery is handmade, therefore, every piece is unique with its own character quirks and flaws… I like metal to look hand-worked, not factory shiny!

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